Monday, March 24, 2008

Still Nursing

"When are you going to wean him?". I hear this question at least a few times a week. Sometimes it's from family, sometimes friends, and sometimes total strangers! My son is 19 months old and, yes, he is still nursing. "I have no plans to wean him. He'll wean when he's ready.". My answer is usually met with a sigh of exasperation or a wrinkle of the nose. I'm not sure why my nursing is any one's business at all. I'm not sure why they care. I do know that I will continue to nurse my son as long as he's still interested. Why are people are so uncomfortable with toddlers nursing? It is biologically normal for toddlers to nurse. I can't help what is socially acceptable this week, but I can't make choices for my son based on that. Extended breastfeeding has many documented health and emotional benefits for mother and baby. I wouldn't deprive him of the advantages or the security nursing offers him. I am proud to say that he is still nursing at 19 months!

What feature of the Slurp & Burp do you find most appealing?

I am not a modest person and never felt uncomfortable nursing in public. I have always embraced breastfeeding as a natural and normal part of life. I long for the day when all mothers are confident and able to breastfeed their children in public without stigma. I never thought that I had any use for a breasfeeding privacy privacy garment. Then came cool evenings in our coastal town of Carlsbad, CA. While I was perfectly happy to nurse my son in public, exposing my breast left me quite chilly! The Slurp & Burp provides enough coverage to keep the chill out, while allowing you to maintain eye contact with your child while feeding. So now, both Mom and Baby are comfortable thanks to the Slurp & Burp!

Christa, mother of Cole - 19 months, CA

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Special Time

The time I spent nursing my two children was such a special time in my life. I have wonderful memories of spending many cozy hours cuddling and bonding with them. Watching their little faces and feeling their warm bodies against mine made me feel proud and happy to know that I was giving them the best start in life that I could. I wouldn't give that time up for anything and sometimes I still miss it.

What feature of the Slurp & Burp appeals to you?

I do wish that Missy had invented the Slurp & Burp back then, so I could have nursed in public more comfortably. I have observed mothers using it and you wouldn't even know they are breastfeeding. What a great idea it is and so simple to use!

Kim, mother of two, PA

Monday, March 10, 2008

Intimate Act

Breastfeeding is the most intimate act between a mother and child. I breastfed my first baby, who is now 22 months, and I am now breastfeeding my second baby. Not only is it the best for the baby, but I think it is the best for me too. It really helps me to love my baby more. All the late nights, crazy hours, and lack of sleep are worth it when you see that little tiny face looking up at you.

What feature of the Slurp & Burp appeals to you?

I love that the Slurp & Burp doesn't draw attention. I can be sitting right next to someone and they have no idea that I'm nursing. People have actually asked to hold my baby. You should see the look on their faces when I tell that that they will have to wait until the baby is done nursing.

RS, mother of 2, NY

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pride and Joy

I'm the Mother of two and was unable to breastfeed due to health reasons. As I worked in a few hospitals in all departments, I loved seeing the Moms Breastfeeding. As I love children, I especially loved working in Pediatrics or Obstetrics with the newborns. I was so looking forward to breastfeeding.

As a Mom, I enjoyed every moment spent with my son & daughter; sharing, teaching and learning. They are my pride and joy! I wanted to make sure they could take care of themselves. My father had died when I was a teen, and my Mom had a breakdown. I had to bring up my two younger brothers, aged 5 and 9, when I was 13. I was lucky that my grandmother had taught me how to take care of the family prior to my Dad's death. I count my blessings each and every day. I now have three grandchildren who bring so much love & joy. It's great sharing in all of their activities. It's great to be included! My children are fantastic! I am so blessed!

Irene, mother of 2 & grandmother of 3, NY

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Natural

I plan to breastfeed. We have all heard the facts, nothing beats breast milk. Plus, I believe it strengthens the bond between mother and child, and why wouldn’t you do something that helps you loose your preggers weight. I am surprised to find there is still a stigma around breastfeeding your child. I was extremely proud of a close friend who, against her own dislike of breastfeeding, decided to breastfeed her daughter. She was not breastfed as a baby and her entire family thought it was disgusting, which totally baffled me, because it is so natural.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Incredible Moments

I love all the opportunities that breastfeeding has provided for my baby and me. It allows us to bond together in ways that I couldn't imagine achieving through bottlefeeding. Now, she is an active, on-the-go toddler and it is nice to have that quiet time when she lays on me to nurse. The way she giggles if I make a funny face, how she lifts up her little feet for me to kiss her toes as I have done since she was born, nothing can replace those incredible moments with my beautiful baby. Breastfeeding has offered us so many opportunities. My experiences breastfeeding her have caused me to apply to become a La Leche League leader and a volunteer peer breastfeeding counselor at my local health department so that I can help other women experience the joys of breastfeeding with their little ones. I love how I can provide her with nourishment when she has been sick and is unable to eat anything else and refuses pedialyte! Breastfeeding has also cleared up infections that she has gotten...when she had an eye infection, I just put a little breastmilk in her eye and it cleared right up in less time than it had previously with antibiotics! And then she is not building up any intolerance to the antibiotics!

"What do you like about the Slurp & Burp?"

I love being able to watch my child breastfeeding. Gazing in one another's eyes and seeing the love displayed there. Before I found the Slurp & Burp I would cover with nursing blankets which did not allow me to watch her while she nurses and did not allow her to look around like she likes. And they were hot! Who wants to be buried under something when there is all this activity going on to watch? I am claustrophobic and I wouldn't like being trapped under a hot blanket, so I love that my child is able to nurse discreetly, yet remain out in the open. With Slurp & Burp we can continue to gaze at one another and still play those nursing games we both love.

SBK, step-mother to one 12 year old, and mother to one 17 month old actively nursing, FL,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Immediate Bonding

I nursed all 4 of my babies & it was easy, economical, efficient & sterile . The milk was always available & at the right temperature. All of my babies weaned directly to a drinking cup eliminating the hassle of purchasing bottles, sterilizing them etc... My babies benefited from the nursing as evidenced by their timely growth & development. After giving birth, the tactile nursing experience provided immediate bonding & had a beneficial effect on my body's ability to recuperate & restore my reproductive organs.

What feature of the Slurp & Burp do you find appealing?

I like that the SLURP & BURP makes it possible to modestly nurse everywhere.

ESR, mother to 4 and grandmother to 7 happily breastfed babies, Brooklyn, NY